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I am Daniël i live in the netherlands and my in game name is Genraal-0Daniel (that 0 is a typing error which a swa to late so now i am stuck whit it).

I have 14 characters:

7 infantry (1 level 16, 1 level 15, 4 level 14 and 1 level 13)
2 tank crew (1 level 15 and 1 level 11)
2 para troopers (1 level 12 and 1 level 6)
2 fighter pilots (1 level 12 and 1 level 8)
1 recon (1 level 3)

I have 11 at's:

1 gaurd
5 infantry
3 motorized infantry
1 medium tank destroyer
1 fighter recon

I am definitely the best player you have ever seen, i have good games and bed games. Sometimes i have 30 kills to 4 death and other times 5 kills to 10 death but most of the time i play even or a litel bit above that. I have played some games whit davil's brigade before and you gays are pretty goed. I like to win and become better so that is why i applied.


(sorry for my bad English i have dyslexia)

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Re: Application

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Welcome to DB!

Please don't hesitate to join our Teamspeak server and ofc to play with us

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Re: Application

Post by ice9tom »

Us gay are pretty good.