Application: TheReaver1234

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Application: TheReaver1234

Post by TheReaver1234 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:33 pm

Currently i have....
4 souldies: ranks 9-14
3 assault squads: 1guard 1 light tank 1 recon
weapons wise i have a random assortment

Reasons why im applying to join are simple really, ive taken a liking to the game again and im looking for a group to play with. Im trying to get better at the game and have fun, but ive been finding that solo play is getting tedious at best. Ill be on fairly often and im capable of getting along with most anyone so.

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Re: Application: TheReaver1234

Post by thisbirdisonfiya » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:46 pm

Welcome to DB

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