Application: kingsen65

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Application: kingsen65

Post by kingsen65 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:13 am

How many characters you have?
I have 4 characters.

Which type of characters you have
I have a General, Infantryman, Fighter Pilot, and a Tank Crewman.

What their ranks are
General: 18 (Brigadier General)
Infantrymen: 15 (Major)
Pilot: 13 (1st Lieutenant)
Tank Crewman: 6 (Sergent)

How many Assault Teams you have
Currently I have 5.

Which type of Assault Teams you have
General: 1x Pathfinders and 1x squad of light armor tanks
Infantrymen: 2x Motorized Guard
Pilot: 1x Fighter Recon

Who are you ;)
My names Clay, I'm currently a full-time college student and I've been playing Heroes and Generals off and on for years now. I'm a dedicated player to the American faction and have never once switched over to the enemy factions. I only recently found out about clans in heroes and generals so that's why I'm only now applying to join the Devil's Brigade. I would love to join the Devil's Brigades ranks and help win the war(s) against the enemy by joining forces and committing my resources to your well-organized clan.

Thank you for this incredible opportunity and I can't wait to meet you guys and work together as a team!

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Re: Application: kingsen65

Post by IdleCleese » Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:36 am

Welcome to DB!

Please read our guidelines and join us on US Teamspeak

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