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Postby argonCZ » Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:01 pm

Hi, I'm argonCZ and i would like to join your clan beacause i want to play with other ppl. I'm playing since september 2013. Now,I am 14 years old.(soon 15)

I have 6 characters:
Main guy(assault)-Rank 15,2 ATs
MG guy-Rank 11, 0 ATs
Tanker-Rank 10, 0 ATs, all classes of tanks
Recon-Rank 8, 0 ATs
Pilot- Rank 6, 0 ATs, all classes of aircraft(I can't fly actually)
Rifleman- Rank 3, 0ATs, pretty basic, he have 2hit kill M1G

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