Application Barknight

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Application Barknight

Post by Barknight » Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:01 pm

How many characters you have?

10 US 8 GE

Which type of characters you have?

Us side: 1 Gen. 1 Recon 1 Tanker 1 Para 1 Fighter Light/Med/Heavy 5 Inf
Ge side: 1 Recon 1 Tanker 1 Figther Light/Med 5 Inf

What their ranks are?

Us side: Gen 19, Tank/Recon 17, Inf 16/15/13/4/0, Para 13, Pilot 7
Ge side: Inf 15/13/12/5/1 Tanker/Recon 15 Pilot 11

How many Assault Teams you have?

17 on US

Which type of Assault Teams you have?

2 motor inf, 3 motor guard, 2 guard, 1 mech recon 2 motor recon 1 recon, 1 td, 1 med , 1 light tank. 1 pathfinder. 2 recon plane.

Who are you?

Gamer that enjoys Fps games and working with a decent crew. Lives on the west coast of the United States. Usually active in the mornings when I get off from work. My weekends tend to be busy so Im usually on late at night when I have time.

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Re: Application Barknight

Post by patton97 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:10 am

Welcome the US guys are normally on 7-11 pm Est the Euroes noon to 3 or 4pm Est. So you might actually be only able to play with our South East Asia detachment. The clan mains on the US so recruits are required to play only US in war until they make member. The guys in SEA might have around a 150 ping for you depending on where you are at if you are interested ill tell rregala about you and toss you there Discord info. The rest of the clan uses Teamspeak at the IP Hope to see you around just leave a response to this if your interested and ill send over the Discord link.

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