Application Nick_Ames

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Application Nick_Ames

Post by Nick_Ames » Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:42 pm

How many characters you have?

26 and 9 generals

Which type of characters you have?

17 inf 4 pilots 1 tanker 1 recon 3 paras
What their ranks are?

inf- 17,2 | 16,4 |15,3 | 14,3 | 12,3 | 6,2
para- 15 | 12,2
tank 17
pilot- 16 | 15 |13 | 12
recon- 15 (edit forgot about it)

How many Assault Teams you have?
93 active
~20 reserve

Which type of Assault Teams you have?

2 mech
4 med fighter 8 recon fighter (can be med but trying to keep them recon so i can get them to p38)
12 para 7 in reserve
10 tanks
1 mech recon 4 motor recon 3 recon ( can be upgraded just to lazy)
please dont make me count the rest

About Me
Im 15 and played h&g for a while 2014-15. I go to school live east coast US in GA. Im a good pilot until there are no enemy planes then i get ADD and crash but in war I take it more seriously. Sorry this is the first application Ive ever done so this is all I know to put down.

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Re: Application Nick_Ames

Post by mark585 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:41 pm

Welcome Nick, to DB!
It's great to see some more younger folks around since I'm only one of the few. :/
We hope to see you soon on our Teamspeak!

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Re: Application Nick_Ames

Post by patton97 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:04 am

Welcome aboard hope to see you on the TS my guys are on 7pm ish to 11pm EST most nights. Fridays are the big nights I cant guarantee weeknights due to school for most of us. Just drop by I'm sure you will find some of us usually on playing every other night myself.

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