Application: andreaske40

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Application: andreaske40

Postby andreaske40 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:37 pm

How many characters you have
I have 2 characters. I was closed beta player and have had over 12 characters of all sorts for every situation.
Now i decided to restart from 0 for fun reasons. Having everything unlocked and millions of funds i don't see a challenge starting again after being idle for a year.
-2 infa characters , 1 with Garand , m3 gun --> tommy soon

Which type of characters you have
only infa just yet, i like playing infa the most ;) !

What their ranks are
fairly low ranked but i get there!
5&6 so far --> not bought in ranks

How many Assault Teams you have
Since my restart i haven't being playing as general!

Which type of Assault Teams you have

Who are you ;)
I am andreas. I gave been a Beta tester of HnG for years. Can't remember when exactly i started playing the game, i only remember singing up as alpha player early closed beta. I have had a break just before the game went in full release (couple of months before release). Now i have restarted playing the game with what was my "german" account in closed beta (beta players remember you were locked in and wars lasted for weeks on). Why i started playing again is because i wanted a video game that i can play quick and don't have to put hours and hours of grinding time in to have some fun! I'm a fun player certainly not a professional gamer but still i think with my experience i can beat some ass ;)
If you like to ask more TS ?

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Re: Application: andreaske40

Postby IdleCleese » Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:26 am

Welcome to DB!

Please don't forget to read our guidelines and you are welcome to join us on US Teamspeak

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Re: Application: andreaske40

Postby Daeqolax » Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:10 pm


Your name does sound familiar. Perhaps you have played with us on the past.

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