Devil's Brigade Guidelines

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Devil's Brigade Guidelines

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Devil’s Brigade Rules & Guidelines

Requirements to join:
  • Register on our website
  • Have at least one rank 8 Infantry character and one other character of a different career
    • The different career can be ANY career EXCEPT a Recon
  • Create an introduction post with the following information in the ‘Applications’ section of the forums
    • How many characters you have
    • Which type of characters you have
    • What their ranks are
    • How many Assault Teams you have
    • Which type of Assault Teams you have
    • Who are you ;)
  • Be active on TeamSpeak in our channels DB TS: (Allied TS:
    or on our South East Asia Discord:

General Rules
  • Respect each other.
  • Use the battle rooms in TeamSpeak to play battles.
  • Only provide useful information in battle room channels - Excessive talking is not appreciated during battle!
  • Listen to (other) Devils brigade members, as you are in the Devils Brigade channels.
  • Don't spawncamp on Skirmish maps. Spawncamp on towns is often inevitable.
  • Misusing multiaccounts results in having you removed from our channels.
  • Cheating results in a ban from our channels, as well as a removal from any status you had.
  • You are allowed to change to non US faction but you are not allowed to play against DB players or DB assault teams.
  • US Faction should be your main faction, and playing with the Devils Brigade team your main goal!
Recruitment Period
  • The recruitment period lasts for 30 days and during this period recruit must play on US faction and on US Devils Brigade TeamSpeak. After 30 days all commanders of Devil’s Brigade will have a meeting voting in the new members. Promotions will be made public on our website and your rank will be adjusted accordingly on the TeamSpeak.
Playing the RTS
  1. Find important battles and rally DB members for it. When Commanders of Devil’s Brigade online they will guide you to the important battles that need to be played.
  2. Send your Assault Teams to the area we focus on.
  3. Respond to requests for FPS battles.
  4. Respond to requests for AT’s and advice generals that just logged in where they are needed.
  5. If you can’t play long, login, resupply you ATs and send to running battles. Request from online members where ATs are needed.
  6. Open communication: don’t be afraid to give suggestions, your opinion is important. Don’t dwell on mistakes, accept them, learn from them, and move on.
Playing the FPS
  1. If you are inexperienced, listen to the veterans in the channel.
  2. Listen to directives given by other players when they are more experienced then you.
  3. Make good use of the APC, it’s a vehicle to spawn in, not to drive around with like a motorcycle or a jeep.
    • Ask for positions of the APC and if an APC is required
    • Don’t shoot the APC MG unless you are being fired upon
  4. Divide up in defense and assaulting teams, so both the previous objective and the needed capture objective are secured.
  5. Having TeamSpeak / microphone is an advantage. If you don’t use TeamSpeak, use team chat to spot enemy, give advice, etc.
  6. Conserve Resources: Don’t waste spawn ticket. Make sure we have enough vehicles and equipment to take the battlefield, but be responsible with supplies. Spawning endless jeeps and motorcycles is often not necessary and a waste of resources.
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